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Rich Malaysia, Poor Malaysians & Malaysia Kaya, Rakyat Miskin

Full Speech of YBM Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah’ at the launching of the Book “Rich Malaysia, Poor Malaysians” and “Malaysia Kaya, Rakyat Miskin.” on 3rd of April 2014 at Kelab Sultan Sulaiman, Kg Baru.

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Rich Malaysia, Poor Malaysians: New and Expanded Edition is now available at major bookstore – Popular, Borders, Times and Kinokuniya. You can also get it online via their respective online portal.




About the Author
Foreword – Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz
Foreword – Nurul Izzah Anwar

Part I: Malaysia’s Petroleum Resources
1 ADVENTURE – My Oil and Gas Adventure
2 PETRONAS – Is Petronas an Ungrateful Child of Malaysia?
3 FISCAL – Is Malaysia’s Rigid Fiscal Regime the Best Recipe for Petronas’ Success?
4 ROYALTY – Malaysia’s Oil Royalty Rumble
5 OIL STATES – Higher Royalty Versus State Ownership of Petronas

Part II: Socio-economics
6 FREE EDUCATION – Why the Malaysian Government Should Fund Higher Education
7 HEALTHCARE – A Barometer on Malaysia’s Healthcare System: Are We Doomed to Fail?
8 HOLLOW ECONOMY – Malaysia’s Hollow Economy and the Fundamental Flaws of a High Income Nation Ambition
9 INEQUALITY – Malaysia: High Income Nation, Low Income Rakyat
10 FOREIGN WORKERS – The Fallacy of Malaysia’s Economic Realities and Foreign Workers
11 POVERTY – The Myth of the Rich and Poor
12 WELFARE – How Welfare is Inclusive, Just, and Catalytic to the Malaysian Economy
13 WOMEN – Unleashing Women for Socioeconomic Superiority: Empowering Women, Empowering Malaysia!
14 ENVIRONMENT – Imposing Five Efficient and Green Enabled Key Sectors to Save Malaysia’s Environmental Plague and Economy
15 REDUCING INEQUALITY –Malaysia,s Vicious Inequality and Proposed Actions to Remedy It
16 BANTAH TPPA – A Guide to the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) – Why BANTAH?
17 BANTAH MISCONCEPTIONS – Debunking the Misconceptions of the Fight Against the TPPA
18 FREE TRADE – The TPPA Saga and its Free Trade roots

Part III: Education
19 IGNORANCE – Battling Apathy and Ignorance for a Prosperous Malaysia
20 EDUCATION RANKING – TIMSS 2011: An Analysis of Malaysia’s Achievement
21 READ! – Inculcating a Reading Culture: Towards a First World Nation
22 THINK! – Revolutionising a Malaysian Enlightenment through Critical Thinking
23 ISLAM – The Continuous Revisiting of Islamic Thought is A Must
24 SCHOOL – Is the Modern School System a Betrayal of Education?
25 FUNDAMENTAL – Fifty-five Years of Independence: Redefining the Basis of National Education
26 LOVE – Love as a Pedagogy and Malaysia’s Philosophy of Education

Part IV: Volunteerism
27 VOLUNTEERISM I – Education Volunteerism via Teach For The Needs: Part 1
28 VOLUNTEERISM II – Education Volunteerism via Teach For The Needs: Part 2
29 CONVENTION – Opening Remarks at the TFTN Education Convention #TFTN 2013
30 THIRD SECTOR – Volunteerism and the Third Sector as an Agent of Democracy

Part V: Epilogue
31 REFORMASI – Anwar Ibrahim and Reformasi: From the Eyes of an Ordinary Citizen
32 ELECTION MANIFESTO – Who to Vote for: A Dummies Guide to the Manifesto
33 GOVERNANCE – Information Freedom, the Fourth and Fifth Estate: Hail the Media and the Whistle-blowers
34 FUTURE – Whither Malaysia: Where do We Go from Here? A Wish-list

Gabungan Merdeka Rakyat Declaration
AMAN’s Demands and 7 Key Basis of Objection



Criticism, Economics, Education, Energy, Essays, Malaysia, Oil and Gas, Pedagogy, Philosophy, Policy, Political and Social Views, Politics, Public Policy, Trade, Volunteerism


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Malaysia Kaya, Rakyat Miskin: Rencana Tenaga, Ekonomi & Pendidikan boleh didapati di kedai-kedai buku utama.


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