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Whither Malaysia: Where do We Go from Here? A Wish-list for Fundamental Correction

Malaysia is a one of a kind unique and a rare gem of a nation. A melting pot of infinite ingredients and mixed culture. We are a mixture of various races, speaking a plethora of different languages. This beautiful country is what blends us all together, coalescing all strengths and weaknesses. Here we are at Asia’s southernmost tip, the only …

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The Star: The need to fund higher education

The government should fund tertiary education to reach out to more citizens and ensure they have the necessary knowledge and skills to enter the workforce. This will in turn uplift the lot of its people. EDUCATION was institutionalised to formalise the process of knowledge acquisition and research in man’s quest for understanding. Some of the earliest universities in the history …

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Why the Malaysian Government should fund Higher Education

Education was institutionalized to formalize the process of knowledge acquisition and research in man’s quest for understanding. Earliest universities in the history of mankind namely Al-Azhar, Bologna, Oxford, Palencia, Cambridge and University of Naples (world’s first public university, 1224) have one thing in common; they were built by notable early world civilizations as institutions of research, discourse, learning, proliferation of …

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Education increases income share and reduce wealth gap

Education forms the backbone of any society. The importance of education can never be overemphasized and the lack of it causes instability, rise in poverty and ignorance. It also plays a big role in income and wealth! FACTS:- Top 20% income earners in Malaysia are 63% Tertiary Educated. Middle 40% income earners in Malaysia are 25% Tertiary Educated. Bottom 40% …

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