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Schools stifling our intellect

While learning has its plus points, there are some who think that the modern school system does not extol the benefits of education. MODERN, public, free and compulsory schooling was first introduced by the King of Prussia in 1760. He introduced schooling to shape the minds of the people into being docile and obedient to his rule. Shortly after, this …

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Adakah Sistem Sekolah Moden Pengkhianat Pendidikan?

Tahukah anda bahawa 98% daripada kanak-kanak berusia lima tahun dikategorikan sebagai genius? Kajian oleh George Land ini juga mendapati bahawa perangkaan itu jatuh menjunam kepada 30%, jika ujian genius terbabit dilakukan di kalangan kanak-kanak berusia 10 tahun. Lebih teruk lagi, hanya 12% daripada anak-anak berusia 15 tahun didapati genius, manakala di kalangan golongan dewasa, hanya dua peratus sahaja genius! Mengapakah …

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Is the Modern School System a Betrayal to Education?

Did you know that 98% of children aged five are geniuses? This finding was concluded by a study conducted by George Land, which also found that this number dropped to a whopping 30% when a group of 10-year olds were tested. It gets worse. Only 12% of 15-year olds are considered geniuses, and out of tested adults, only 2% are …

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