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Love as a Pedagogy and Malaysia’s Philosophy of Education

Love. What a loaded word. As simple as what its literal meaning suggests, and as complicated as its many kinds of connotations and expressions. Every soul must have been affected by love, whether we are prepared to comprehend it or not. Some of us might seek to analyse it, while some prefer to simply immerse in its ambiguity. But, “at …

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Is the Modern School System a Betrayal to Education?

Did you know that 98% of children aged five are geniuses? This finding was concluded by a study conducted by George Land, which also found that this number dropped to a whopping 30% when a group of 10-year olds were tested. It gets worse. Only 12% of 15-year olds are considered geniuses, and out of tested adults, only 2% are …

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TIMSS 2011: An Analysis of Malaysia’s Achievement

By Zul Fikri Zamir and Anas Alam Faizli One Brazilian academician brought revival onto the critical pedagogy concept. That man was Paulo Freire. Freire persistently battled the prevailing concept of education where students were mere “empty bank accounts” for teachers to “deposit” into. This was the very education concept which saw students being forced upon with bulks of information. This …

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Analisis Laporan TIMSS 2011 dan Pencapaian Malaysia – Bahagian 1

Oleh Zul Fikri Zamir dan Anas Alam Faizli  SEORANG ahli akademik dari Brazil telah berjaya membawa satu pembaharuan kepada konsep pedagogi kritis. Paulo Freire gigih menyangkal konsep pendidikan ala-ala “simpanan di bank” yang menurutnya pelajar dilihat seperti akaun kosong yang akan di isi oleh cikgu. Pelajar cuba dipenuhi dengan maklumat. Ini bukan pendidikan tetapi storan maklumat! Freire mencadangkan hubungan dua …

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