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How Welfare is Inclusive, Just, and Catalytic to the Malaysian Economy

One of the most wicked economic satirist of the 18th century, Bernard Mandeville cynically proclaimed, “It was generally admitted that unless the poor were poor, they will not do an honest day’s toil without asking for exorbitant wages. To make the society happy it is requisite that great numbers should be ignorant as well as poor.” Mandeville made clear his …

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Who to Vote For: A Dummies Guide to the Manifesto

The most anticipated general elections looms, yet we still hear utterances of political apathy, such as “politicians will be politicians” and “they are all the same”. For especially the young voting population which forms a majority of the 3.7 million new registered voters, this upcoming polls seem to be likened to the uphill task of “choosing the lesser evil”.  There …

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Malaysia’s spending on Healthcare and Number of Doctors

Malaysia’s spending on Healthcare as a percentage of GDP is ranked number 156 out of 187 countries in the world ! MALAYSIA’s number of Doctors for each 1 million population is at 700 persons. Do we need more doctors? A study by Starfield concludes that an increase of one primary care physician per 10,000 population resulted in a reduction of …

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Malaysia’s Spending on Education, Ranking and No of Researchers

The education budget education was slashed from RM50 billion to RM37 billion this year! To get an idea of how counter-intuitive this is for a developing Malaysia, even Vietnam, Timor Leste and Cuba spent more. Currently, about 80 per cent of the bottom 40 per cent income households are only SPM qualified and below, with almost only 5 per cent …

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