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Love as a Pedagogy and Malaysia’s Philosophy of Education

Love. What a loaded word. As simple as what its literal meaning suggests, and as complicated as its many kinds of connotations and expressions. Every soul must have been affected by love, whether we are prepared to comprehend it or not. Some of us might seek to analyse it, while some prefer to simply immerse in its ambiguity. But, “at …

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55th Years of Malaysia’s Independence: Redefining The Basic of National Education

By Zul Fikri Zamir Mohamad Munir and Anas Alam Faizli 31st August 2012 marked the 55th celebration of Malaysia’s independence. Significant changes in education policies had taken place since then. During the pre independence period, we had distinct education systems with pondoks, madrasahs and race-based vernacular schools dominating the education landscape. Then there was the Barnes Report which proposed a …

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55 Tahun Malaysia Merdeka: Mendefinisikan Semula Asas Pendidikan Negara

Oleh Zul Fikri Zamir Mohamad Munir & Anas Alam Faizli  31 OGOS 2012 genap 55 tahun Malaysia merdeka. Bukan sedikit perubahan dasar dan polisi pendidikan telah dilaksanakan. Sebelum merdeka kita bermula dengan sistem pendidikan yang berasingan dengan sekolah-sekolah pondok, madrasah dan vernakular mengikut bangsa.  Laporan Barnes kemudiannya cuba mencadangkan satu sistem pendidikan yang lebih menyeluruh di mana semuanya digabungkan di …

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