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Friday , 23rd Oct, 2020
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Whither Malaysia: Where do We Go from Here? A Wish-list for Fundamental Correction

Malaysia is a one of a kind unique and a rare gem of a nation. A melting pot of infinite ingredients and mixed culture. We are a mixture of various races, speaking a plethora of different languages. This beautiful country is what blends us all together, coalescing all strengths and weaknesses. Here we are at Asia’s southernmost tip, the only …

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The Fallacy of Malaysia’s Economic Realities and the Foreign Workers

Professor Robert Merton, one of the founding fathers of modern-day sociology argued that “a false definition of the situation evokes a new behaviour which makes the original false conception come true”. We are accustomed to several economic facts that we accept as the norm, although it might be different elsewhere. It is embedded in our mind that farmers and fishermen …

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Who to Vote For: A Dummies Guide to the Manifesto

The most anticipated general elections looms, yet we still hear utterances of political apathy, such as “politicians will be politicians” and “they are all the same”. For especially the young voting population which forms a majority of the 3.7 million new registered voters, this upcoming polls seem to be likened to the uphill task of “choosing the lesser evil”.  There …

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Malaysia is No 11 in the World Spending for Foreign Workers

MALAYSIA’s FOREIGN WORKERS SALARY We are number 11 out of 170 nations in the world! Current total Malaysian workforce is at 12.7 million. We are spending USD 6.5 Billion = RM20 Billion / annually for these workers and they will repatriate a portion of this money back home. Malaysia needs foreign labour to fill in gaps but do we risk …

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