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Friday , 23rd Oct, 2020
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Jurang Pengagihan Pendapatan (1970-2012)

MALAYSIA: Jurang Pengagihan Pendapatan semakin melebar!

KAYA MAKIN KAYA – MISKIN TERUS MISKIN?Jurang Pendapatan 1970-2012

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  1. Something very interesting. Isn't this the senario in each country, some even worst off. Offcourse we should benchmark with better ones. comparison with better ones will show where we are now. Keep up the good work AAF.

  2. Its a good info, however what would be ur suggestion to lesson this gap ur recomendation hopefully it can be apply as initiative by all.

  3. Anas Alam Faizli

    1. Education key to improving social condition of the Bottom 40% – there's profiling done on each group and you can see how education plays a significant role with income.
    2. Upskilling of our workers.
    3. Increase of wage.
    4. Reduce of foreign workers – it distorts wages.
    5. Inheritance tax – for ultra rich people.

    Welcome to read my post on the rich and poor and why we need to fund higher edu.

  4. We have to abolish NEP, which has been discussed after GE 2008, lately BARISAN announced Bumiputra WILL get 100% government contract, so , foreign workers getting more IC, most of them are muslim.(99%), I suspect all the foreign Muslims who are getting citizenship are automatically becoming UMNO members and enjoying all BUMIPUTRA status and benefits.

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