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A Guide to the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) – Why BANTAH?

TPPA Article

Back in 2008, the Malaysian government concluded the signing of a US-Malaysia FTA with 58 “unresolved issues”, which discontinued the two-year negotiation. Among leading protagonists was then Agriculture Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who mentioned that he would not compromise the livelihood of local farmers. He was even quoted as saying ‘over my dead body’. YB Khairy Jamaluddin led a …

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Talkshow MobTv: What Say Youth – Polemik TPPA bersama Badan Bertindak Bantah TPPA


Sinopsis talk show oleh Sdr Megat Hanis:- 1)TPPA adalah satu perjanjian ekonomi “extension” rentas pasifik yang melibatkan jumlah terkini 12 negara (yg terbaru Jepun) . Sedikit berbeza perlaksanaan dan besar impak jangka panjang TPPA daripada FTA yang Malaysia tandatangan bersama US, dan keluar dari perjanjian pada tahun 2008, atas ketidakmampuan bersaing dan faktor2 ekonomi yang lain. 2)TPPA memberi kesan terhadap …

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Why the Malaysian Government should fund Higher Education


Education was institutionalized to formalize the process of knowledge acquisition and research in man’s quest for understanding. Earliest universities in the history of mankind namely Al-Azhar, Bologna, Oxford, Palencia, Cambridge and University of Naples (world’s first public university, 1224) have one thing in common; they were built by notable early world civilizations as institutions of research, discourse, learning, proliferation of …

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