Thursday , 28th May, 2020
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Malaysia’s Hollow Economy and the Fundamental Flaws of a High Income Nation Ambition


Allow me to share with you a BLINDSPOT moment here; not many take note that in 2014, 29.1% of our total imports are from Electrical and Electronic (E&E) products. The same year, 35.7% of our total exports are also E&E products. What is actually going on here? Well, simply put, our economy is kind of hollow. We import cheap components …

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Malaysia: High Income Nation, but Low Income Rakyat

hin lir

Malaysia’s current socio economic structure can be summed up in four words, “Rich Malaysia, Poor Malaysians.” Malaysia is blessed with abundant natural resources with petroleum being the most precious. Add the land, other commodity resources, large youthful population and the country has all the essential ingredients to flourish. How then did this small nation of 30 million manage to end …

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