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Case Study – Abuse of Power in Contemporary Organisations

abuse power

Abuse on keeping talent pool thin This report will exhibit further case study and example of an organizational abuse of power. South and Matejka (1990) observe that “weak performing superiors avoid selecting individuals who will threaten their status and contrast their own substandard performance.  Suprisingly, they seem able to do this rather well.”  This can be categorized as a hierarchical …

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Power, Ethics, Decision Making and CSR


Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. (Lord Acton, 1887, Letter to Bishop Creighton) The quote above by Lord Acton implores that power can corrupts and with authority attractively will lead to power abuse.  In this report, abuse of power in organizations will be analyzed and explored succinctly within the context of power and authority, total institutions, ethical …

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