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Whither Malaysia: Where do We Go from Here? A Wish-list for Fundamental Correction


Malaysia is a one of a kind unique and a rare gem of a nation. A melting pot of infinite ingredients and mixed culture. We are a mixture of various races, speaking a plethora of different languages. This beautiful country is what blends us all together, coalescing all strengths and weaknesses. Here we are at Asia’s southernmost tip, the only …

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Battling Apathy and Ignorance for a Prosperous Malaysia


Slightly over 200 years ago, Napoleon Bonaparte said, “I fear four hostile newspapers than a thousand bayonets.” Napoleon Bonaparte was an emperor and a military genius of his time. He faced impossible odds during his military conquests. He had fought 25,000 Ottomans with 6,000 French troops in Egypt and had also confronted the combined Armies of Austria and Russia in …

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Malaysia’s Hollow Economy and the Fundamental Flaws of a High Income Nation Ambition


Allow me to share with you a BLINDSPOT moment here; not many take note that in 2014, 29.1% of our total imports are from Electrical and Electronic (E&E) products. The same year, 35.7% of our total exports are also E&E products. What is actually going on here? Well, simply put, our economy is kind of hollow. We import cheap components …

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The Continuous Revisit of Islamic Thought is A Must


Thirteen years ago, my brother, Dr Afif completed the monumental task of memorizing the Holy Quran within a short period of no more than 18 weeks. Instead of pursuing Form 4, he took a break after PMR and chose to become al-Hafiz. Alhamdulillah, I was proud of my sibling’s genius! Ideas gushed to my mind as to ways to expand …

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Malaysia’s Vicious Inequality and Proposed Actions to Remedy It

Policy Statement Logo

PRESS STATEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 24 NOVEMBER 2014 – BLINDSPOT MALAYSIA’S VICIOUS INEQUALITY AND PROPOSED ACTIONS TO REMEDY IT Economic growth is good. However, like anything good, overindulgence and foolishness can land us in trouble. High income nation with high inequality is a silent and unseen troublemaker like high cholesterol and high blood pressure. We must not ignore the adverse …

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How Welfare is Inclusive, Just, and Catalytic to the Malaysian Economy


One of the most wicked economic satirist of the 18th century, Bernard Mandeville cynically proclaimed, “It was generally admitted that unless the poor were poor, they will not do an honest day’s toil without asking for exorbitant wages. To make the society happy it is requisite that great numbers should be ignorant as well as poor.” Mandeville made clear his …

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Love as a Pedagogy and Malaysia’s Philosophy of Education


Love. What a loaded word. As simple as what its literal meaning suggests, and as complicated as its many kinds of connotations and expressions. Every soul must have been affected by love, whether we are prepared to comprehend it or not. Some of us might seek to analyse it, while some prefer to simply immerse in its ambiguity. But, “at …

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Schools stifling our intellect


While learning has its plus points, there are some who think that the modern school system does not extol the benefits of education. MODERN, public, free and compulsory schooling was first introduced by the King of Prussia in 1760. He introduced schooling to shape the minds of the people into being docile and obedient to his rule. Shortly after, this …

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Is the Modern School System a Betrayal to Education?

Modern School Betrayal

Did you know that 98% of children aged five are geniuses? This finding was concluded by a study conducted by George Land, which also found that this number dropped to a whopping 30% when a group of 10-year olds were tested. It gets worse. Only 12% of 15-year olds are considered geniuses, and out of tested adults, only 2% are …

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Volunteerism and The Third Sector as an Agent of Democracy


Every 5th of December since 1985, millions of volunteers across the globe celebrate the International Volunteers Day.  This auspicious day is designated by the United Nations to mark the contributions of many voluntary organisations worldwide. During the recent celebration, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon gave a profound message; crediting significant volunteer contributions to both economic and social development. “Founded on the values …

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The Star: The need to fund higher education

17 Feb

The government should fund tertiary education to reach out to more citizens and ensure they have the necessary knowledge and skills to enter the workforce. This will in turn uplift the lot of its people. EDUCATION was institutionalised to formalise the process of knowledge acquisition and research in man’s quest for understanding. Some of the earliest universities in the history …

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Education increases income share and reduce wealth gap

Income Shares and Education

Education forms the backbone of any society. The importance of education can never be overemphasized and the lack of it causes instability, rise in poverty and ignorance. It also plays a big role in income and wealth! FACTS:- Top 20% income earners in Malaysia are 63% Tertiary Educated. Middle 40% income earners in Malaysia are 25% Tertiary Educated. Bottom 40% …

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