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Researchers Malaysia

Malaysia’s Spending on Education, Ranking and No of Researchers

The education budget education was slashed from RM50 billion to RM37 billion this year! To get an idea of how counter-intuitive this is for a developing Malaysia, even Vietnam, Timor Leste and Cuba spent more.

Currently, about 80 per cent of the bottom 40 per cent income households are only SPM qualified and below, with almost only 5 per cent received higher education. The rest never made it to school at all. The reason is crystal clear; it is education that can lift households into higher income thus significantly reducing poverty and its consequences.

Let’s spend more on EDUCATION !!

Education GDP Ratio

Malaysia is ranked badly in 3 Education rankings, namely TIMSS, PISA and the Education Index. We have to do something.


Education Ranking

MALAYSIA’s number of Researchers for each 1 million population is only at 365 persons. This is very low compared to developed nation. We need more in order to move into an innovation driven economy and concurrently become a high income nation! This is required in order for MALAYSIA to achieve wealth and prosperity; a knowledge-based society, driven by both intellectuals and thinkers.

Researchers Malaysia


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